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Pleasure and Pain in Paradise

Posted in Adventure and Exploration, Travel | 5 comments

“No pain. No pain. Just a few more steps. Man the f!@* up.” I repeated these words to myself through each agonizing step. But the worst part was not the physical pain or the fatigue, it was the shock. The shock that after only 14 miles, I felt so exhausted and drained. Every mile seemed like an eternity. The run across Barbados was supposed to be between 27 and 28 miles. Having just completed a 31 mile...

Want to run across the world, or do anything that makes you come alive? Here’s how…

Posted in The Human Experience Show | 1 comment

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.” I have just arrived in the Caribbean where I will be running across 6 different islands in 4 countries. A total of approximately 125 miles in one week. Each new country gets me one step closer to crossing every single country in the world. I am nervous, scared and excited. Most of all I could not be happier, because I am leading my dream...

The greatest gift of all – The gift of pain!

Posted in Adventure and Exploration, Personal Development, Travel | 1 comment

Yes, you heard me right. Pain is the greatest gift of all. Sounds insane right? Because I am sure you have experienced pain at some point in your life. It might have been emotional, physical, spiritual, mental pain or some combination of the four. And more than likely you didn’t enjoyed it, did you? But if you make a few small changes in your mindset, then the next time you experience pain, you might just...

How to monetize your mission, no matter how impossible it may seem

Posted in The Human Experience Show | 0 comments

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.” As you all know by now, I just announced my latest project – to cross every country in the world on foot. It is an ambitious and seemingly impossible mission. Which is why I am very excited to bring on today’s guest – Nicola Grace, the mission mentor. She helps people like you and me accomplish and monetize our...

How to achieve the impossible – Crossing every country in the world on foot and raising 1 million dollars

Posted in Adventure and Exploration, Manifesting Success | 8 comments

Update: Since the time of this writing, I have completed two more crossings. My impossible vision: On foot, I will cross every single country in the world. I will be running across almost all the countries, but I qualify this expedition by saying “on foot” because some countries will be crossed with skis. No bikes though. All on foot. (To be perfectly honest with you, even writing this is...

Why I pissed on myself and how it doubled my business

Posted in Adventure and Exploration, Entrepreneurship | 2 comments

The darkness silenced my mind. With zero room for error, the price of which meant death, I achieved a Zen-like state of stillness. A rare glimpse of what it means to be fully immersed in the Now. The only sounds I heard came from inhaling air through the regulator and the bubbles being released from it. I swam farther and farther into the silence. Into the jagged rocks enveloping me. Into the magnificent,...

How to change the world by doing work you love!

Posted in Entrepreneurship, The Human Experience Show | 4 comments

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.” Welcome to 2014! I have got the perfect start to the new year for you. Especially now, because according to Tony Robbins, by January 15th, 95% of people have abandoned their New Years resolutions. So right about now is when we need something to motivate us and keep us going. Which is why I am very excited to introduce you to my friend...

Your brain is programmed for failure, here’s what to do about it

Posted in Manifesting Success, The Human Condition | 5 comments

Evolution has not been as kind to you as you would like to think. Sure, it has kept you and us as a species alive for the last couple of thousand years. But that’s all it has done. It has allowed us to survive, but not thrive. Want to know why evolution is not your friend and how to win the battle against it? Keep reading. Like it or not, you are designed to focus on the danger, or even the...

How to connect with Tim Ferriss and grow a following of over 200,000 people

Posted in The Human Experience Show | 6 comments

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.” I hope you all enjoyed last week’s interview with Sean Ogle. He had some great tips on how to start and grow an online business. Today we are going to look at growing an online business from another angle and with another extremely successful entrepreneur. John Lee Dumas runs the site Entrepreneur on Fire where he conducts...

How to build a business and work from anywhere you want with Sean Ogle

Posted in The Human Experience Show | 0 comments

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.” I just got back from a month in India and two weeks in the UK, Scotland and Ireland before that. It is great to be back home, especially when it hit me that in the last 8 months, I have been away for about 4-5 of them. You might be thinking, what is up with this guy? Does he work? The answer is yes, I do! That’s what I love about...