While there is no recognized or official way to cheat a slot machine, unless you use expensive and scarce specialized equipment, some people may believe that the results of a game can be predicted naturally, or almost. ‘a slot machine. This undeniably comes from the fact that the slot machine is supposed to be governed by a random number generator, in fact. This explains this a bit since when we talk about randomness, we quite naturally bet on the unpredictable.

But that did not stop a group of Russian hackers from reaching, for example, in 2017 and after hundreds of hours of study to understand the operation of a Victory996 slot machine. A team that had made this operation their main study so much so that they were able after a while to know when to press the spin button for the latter to be a winner.

Russia and the slot machines

The most impressive thing about all of this is that in order to win, they actually didn’t need a whole set of electronics. They didn’t even need to intervene to manipulate the gameā€¦ The secret then lay in just understanding the slot machine enough to exploit it fully. And it must be said that if technical cheats influence the implementation of new security procedures every month … these casinos can not do much against this type of “fraud.” They then have only recourse to prohibit the game players when they are spotted. But if you want to understand a little better why we are talking about Russians, we will have to go back a few years back, to a time when the Novomatic and Aristocrat slot machines were then targeted.

We, therefore, return in 2009 to Russia, which, under the influence of its Prime Minister at the time Vladimir Putin, then radically prohibited land-based casinos. Legislation, which will then quite naturally force the establishments present on the territory to sell their materials at very low prices, because the latter were now useless and especially unusable on Russian soil.

And what had to happen … happened. Some of the cheaper slot machines actually ended up in the hands of malicious people. People who were convinced that they could find an exploitable fault and who had everything they needed to get there.

Aristocrat and Novomatic slot machines

After many months of intensive study and scholarly calculations, we will then come to understand that a flaw did indeed exist on certain models of slot machines. And so these were old models from developers Aristocrat and Novomatic, two leaders in the land-based casino industry that you know quite well on Roulette.be since we often offer articles on these two companies.

However, it will be necessary to wait until 2011 to find several casinos in Europe to report rather serious incidents concerning some of their slot machines. It turned out that all of them were of the Novomatic brand, and at the time of the events allowed certain individuals to succeed in looting these slot machines; without even the surveillance or the technicians being able to find the slightest fraud in these acts.

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